The Catholic understanding of marriage is that it is a sacrament. It is a sign of God's grace and love that is present as a gift to us as His people. As Catholics we believe that the sacrament of marriage is a mirror of the relationship of love between Christ and His church and as such is for life.

There is a minimum period of three months for preparation. This comprises meeting as a couple for one hour per week with the pastor, at times, individual meetings will take place depending on the circumstances.

The preparation also involves the following:

  • Attending the Archdiocesan pre-cana (engaged couple's) weekend on the scheduled dates
  • Presenting a recent copies of baptism, first communion and confirmation (if any) certificates
  • Presenting a copy (the latest version) of your birth certificate.

If you have been married outside the Catholic church and would now like to observe a Catholic wedding ceremony, you will need to go through the steps above.

If you have been married in a non-Catholic church and obtained a legal divorce and now wish to get married in the Catholic church, a copy of your Decree Absolute should be presented.

Contact the church office for further information or to make an appointment with the pastor.

    Adult Baptism

    Adults are required to register and attend the catechumenate (instruction) classes, which are currently held on Mondays at 7:00p.m. in the church. It is a two-year programme which begins in September of each year and culminates on Easter Saturday night at the Vigil Mass. Adults are baptized by immersion (in a pool) during the Vigil Mass. First Communion and confirmation are also administered.

    * Please note that preparation for children's baptism, first communion and confirmation, is done through the Sunday School which is held at 10:00a.m. every Sunday except during the summer.

      Infant Baptism

      For infant baptism, there is a preparation period of four sessions. Parents and sponsors are expected to attend these sessions which discuss the meaning of the sacrament, its history and relevance, and the role of sponsors. As sponsors are primarily to help parents raise the child according to the Catholic church's teachings, they should be Roman Catholic and approved by the pastor.

      Parents are reminded to take with them, on the day of baptism:

      • a candle
      • white garment
      • arrive ten minutes BEFORE Mass begins.

      First Communion

      Adults are required to register and attend the instruction classes, held every Monday evening at 7:00p.m. in the church. If you have been validly baptized in another church (baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit) and desire to become a member of the Roman Catholic church, you will not need to be baptized again. Instruction classes begins in September for a period of two years, and culminates in receiving First Communion and Confirmation on Easter Saturday night during the Vigil Mass.

      Children who are being prepared for First Communion and Confirmation are expected to register in the Sunday School classes, conducted every Sunday at 10:00a.m., except during the summer.


        This is done by appointments. However, occasional Reconciliation Services are announced periodically.

          Blessings (Of Houses/Offices)

          This is done by appointment only.

            Sick Calls

            Parishioners and/or their family members should contact the rectory so that your spiritual needs can be met.


              For funeral arrangements, contact the church office.

                Prayer Requests

                Contact the church office.

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